Free Trial!

Every student gets one free trial class!

This is for me to evaluate you and make a lesson plan and for you to decide if you agree with the plan and want to continue classes! 

Q & A (one class for $10)

I'll answer your questions for $10 I assume at this point you're still not really sure if you want to take more classes or not. See if I am up to the challenge of answering your questions to decide if you want to take more classes!

Spiffy Student (pack of 5 for $50 or $10/class)

Spiffy means stylish, smart, or classy in appearance. 

You're a smart student. You know the way to progress more toward your goals is more than one class. You might have an interview coming up next week that you're nervous about, or you might just want to check at the five class mark to be sure you like my style of teaching and feel like you're making good progress. 

Cool Student (pack of 10 for $100 or 10/class)

Cool can either mean the temperature is low, or someone is acting a little distant. But the more common use of cool means you're not only stylish, you're fashionable. You're also self-assured of your stylishness, calm, composed, and fun to be around.

You know improving your English will take time and effort, but you're willing to put the effort in, as you know the payoff will be great. 

Rockstar (pack of 20 for $200 or $10/class)

You know what you want and you're gong to get it. You're determined, you're motivated and you know you'll be impressing your friends, family, interviewers, teachers, and bosses with your English-language skills and other knowledge learned here by the time we're done with this. 

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