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Inquisitive (1 class for $16)

Inquisitive means you're interested, but not sure how interested. You're not sure if you want to take the plunge of purchasing more lessons yet. I'll hopefully answer all your concerns in this class.


Curious Cat (pack of 5 for $70 or $14/class)

Here is my discount for buying in a pack of 5. You know the way to progress more toward your goals is more than one class. You might have an interview coming up next week that you're nervous about, or you might just want to check at the five class mark to be sure you like my style of teaching and feel like you're making good progress. 

Cool Cat (pack of 10 for $120 or 12/class)

My discount for 10+ classes.

You know improving your English will take time and effort, but you're willing to put the effort in, as you know the payoff will be great. 


Catmander (pack of 20 for $240 or 12/class)

You Catmander is Cool Cat, but double the fun.

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