US spelling vs The Rest of the English-speaking world

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The US likes to have some things distinct to it. Like not using the metric system. And spelling words with z's instead of s's.

Or vs Our

In US English we spell many words that end in "our" elsewhere with "or". Words include honor, color, favor, favorite. But we still keep the u in sour, four, our and others. I am thinking that US English takes out the "u" in "-our" words with multiple syllables.

That pesky s/z difference

In words that end in "ise" or "yse" in dialects of English except for US variants, in US English we spell them "ize" or "yze." We also pronounce the Z also! Analyse vs Analyze Catalyse vs Catalyze

Suprise vs Suprize Revolutionise vs Revolutionize Emphasise vs Emphasize Sterilise vs Sterilize

Can you think of more?

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