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            Personalized Classes

As a published scientist, Spanish speaker, and a holder of a TEFL certificate, one of my specialties is teaching Spanish-speaking scientists English including coaching their writing and proofreading their papers, though I am happy to teach anyone English who wants to learn and to proofread and coach anyone's writing in English.

Another specialty of mine as an immigrant to a Spanish-speaking country and Spanish speaker is teaching Spanish to English-speaking people. I find it's particularly useful for beginners to have native-language support and to have a teacher who can tell them some tricks to get over the roadblocks that are specific to being an English speaker who wants to learn Spanish.

Additionally, I tutor chemistry. I know chemistry is a rough subject for a lot of people. I've been told by students I tutor that I explain concepts in chemistry in a very easy-to-understand manner. Let me help you survive your chemistry class :)

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