About the classes and workshops

            Personalized Classes &
Read, Write and Speak Scientific English

As each student is unique, I want to form a study plan to help each individual student reach their English goals. This is one of the reasons I offer a free trial class. In the first class I will evaluate your level of English and listen to your goals. Then, I'll come up with a study plan that fits your unique goals. If you agree with that plan, we'll start with that plan in the next class! If you're a scientist, the process is the same, but I will have some different questions in that first class. Whatever you want to achieve, we'll do it together!

Workshops with Natalia and Marcela (coming soon)

Marcela is a friend of mine, from Inspire Inglés  and we do workshops on various topics such that you can learn essential English vocabulary that you can use in various situations: from going to the grocery store, to doing a job interview, to going on vacation. We also discuss other interesting topics such as cultural differences, current events, and others to encourage critical thinking and so that you can talk about ideas beyond the essentials. Converse with other students of English and learn unique things to impress your friends! 

A bit more about Marcela: She is also a fellow English learner, so she can give you some tips and unique perspectives that I don't have as a native English-speaker. She's fun to converse with and I hope we can have many interesting and fun conversations that also help your English!